The Train Job

After the events of the rescue mission you receive the following audio only message. A deep gruff voice speaking basic delivers the message.
“Boss has job for you. Nothing more than pick up. Someone has his property and he want it. The easiest place to retrieve, will be a train from Star Port to Paradiso on Hancock. Deliver the goods to Sky Plex orbiting the near by planet Ezra. Train in two standard days.”

From your current location it will only take the ship about 18 hours to reach Hancock.

To the rescue! aftermath

Those that participated in the last scenario get 10 character points and 3000 credits.

To the rescue!

The following message was received by a republic diplomatic transport that had no time to stop and provide assistance. You and several others have been called together to subdue the pirates and rescue the crew. Bios of other team members are attached.

"This is the transport the Long Haul. We have been boarded by a band of Eridani Pirates. They are quickly taking over our ship. We are on a diplomatic mission to Chandaar. Coordinates are attached."

Leshan Mehta Mirialan Jedi
Mal Veggas Chagrian Diplomat
Phinneas Ebonstar Human Mercenary


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